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Top 9 Ideas for hosting the 2023 Army Versus Navy Game at your American Legion

American Legions across the United States have been serving up fun activities for the Annual Army versus Navy Football game for ages! What is your Post planning for December 9, 2023?

Not sure what to do besides play the big game on TV? We've got some ideas for your American Legion Post to make the game more exciting AND bring in more business for the day. In short, get those butts in the seats and keep them there all day long.

  1. Charge an entry fee that covers the cost for a buffet and raffle prizes.

  2. Give each attendee a dog tag or wrist band that is either Army or Navy.

  3. Give each attendee a raffle ticket (green or blue) when they arrive.

  4. Order fun Army slogan t-shirts and Navy slogan t-shirts, do drawings each time one team scores and pass them out. (see some examples below)

  5. Have a few bibs on hand, if you hear any whining, make them wear the bib.

  6. Have SAL or Auxiliary run the event and do so every year.

  7. Do a Half-Time Show or game! This can be seriously fun and competitive. A few ideas we've seen: - Frozen T-Shirt Contest: Wet 3-4 T-Shirts, Wrap them into balls, Freeze them until very hard. Ask volunteers to enter the contest. The first one to get their frozen t-shirt on their body wins a prize - Have a Potato Peeling Contest for Army - Give them KP hats! - Have a mopping Contest for Navy - Play songs that correlate to Army or Navy throughout Half-Time - Better yet, play rivalry videos (there are a ton online) of Army versus Navy - Do Tip Boards or Cash Raffles - Have Cash Races (Horses, Duckys, Pigs, etc.)

  8. Have live music lined up for after the football game to keep them around.

  9. Encourage attendees to keep their dog tags or wrist bands and bring them back next year.

Have fun with it, make sure the annual Army versus Navy game is something your patrons look forward to every single year.

Need help promoting your events on social media? Reach out to us at Legion Social, it's not our first rodeo!


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