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Jazz up your posts with these free, fun social media tools!

We live in a world of glitter and glam and it's hard to keep up! Is your American Legion using these super simple tools to add glitz to your social media posts?

Here are two that we use daily:

  1. YayText - This free online resource let's you type your text into the field and copy and paste text that is bold, italics, cursive, serif, sans-serif, and other fun fonts. While we don't recommend you use it all the time, but it definitely adds some 'pop' to your text! See the examples below...

  2. Emojipedia - Already using the social media emoji's? That totally works too, we just keep this tab open on our computers and can quickly search for emoji's and copy/paste them into our text. They do have loads more too!

It can be really time consuming to craft the perfect post for your event, heart-felt message, daily special and what not. That's why Legion Social exists. Contact us when you're ready to take your American Legion social media to the next level.

Example - No YayText and No Emoji's

Example Facebook Post
Example Facebook Post

Example - With some Jazz and Pizazz (also note the caterer has been tagged for added exposure)

Example Good Facebook Post
Example of a Good Facebook Post

Follow along for more simple tricks!


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