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Are you inviting your Facebook Engagers to like your page?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Hello American Legions! Today we're touching on a very simple task you can do daily or weekly to help increase your followers on your Facebook page!

When you log into your page, click on the left-hand side to go into the Meta Business Suite. Simply Scroll down towards the bottom and you'll find the "Grow Your Audience" section. It looks like this:

inviting facebook users

Click on the Send Invites button and Select to Send all invites. Pretty simple, right?

How does this help? Well, for example, let's say one of your patrons shared your post about the upcoming Fish Fry. Her friend Sally liked the post and came to the fish fry. Now she gets an invite from you to follow/like your page and she does because she really enjoyed the fish and wants to know when it's happening again.

Does it always work out this way? Nope. You can send lots of invites and get no replies, but we guarantee you will grab at least a few every time you send them.

Consistency is the key when it comes to growing your social media accounts!

Stay tuned for more simple tips!

Tired of managing all of this yourself? Contact us, we're ready when you are!


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