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Facebook Groups or Business Pages? Which one is right for me?

How to know if your American Legion page should be a group or a page on Facebook.

Facebook (aka Meta) has gotten larger than life and difficult to navigate! Sometimes you're allowed to do one thing, and other times you aren't. It can be frustrating, so let's talk about the difference between groups and business pages.

Facebook Groups

A group has to be joined by an individual profile. This is used often for sports, communities, and things that require the individual to be demographically correct or a part of the sports team, etc. Make sense?

For example, if your American Legion has a bean bag league, or dart league, that would be a great way to keep just the people who've joined up to date on time changes, stats, etc.

Facebook groups cannot join other groups. As a rule of thumb, if you want to gain more traction on your events, membership, and specials, using a Facebook group will only allow you to reach those who have joined.

It's also great for Auxiliary, SAL, or Legion Rider groups to communicate regularly amongst members. We also recommend nominating 1-2 people to monitor those asking to join the group. You don't want to end up with spammers...

Facebook Business Pages

A business page is created by an individual account and you can give those in charge varying levels of access, which makes it ideal to ensure security on your page.

It is public, so anyone searching will see posts and your business profile when their search term applies.

For example: If you posted about a soup cook-off and someone searched soup near me, your posts will show up and the person engaging can view it without being asked to join.

Business pages can join community groups, plus events created by your page will show up to people in the area or those searching.

So, which is better?

We highly recommend setting up a Facebook Business page for your post (unless it is closed to the public.) But even if you are members only, it will still increase your odds of gaining more members AND allows your biggest ambassadors (your members) to share content that you output and get others interested and inspired in joining!

Need some help with your Social Media?

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