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Does my Legion really need Social Media AND a Website?

Woman with head in hand thinking
Do I really need this?

Are you tired of posting on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms every day? Or maybe your website is very outdated and doesn’t scale right for cell phones?

You’re not alone. In fact hundreds of Legions across the U.S. are wanting to take the burden of online advertising off their plate!

Why is your online so presence important? Does my Legion need it?

  • Over 950 Million People aged 35 and Up are on Facebook DAILY

  • Google Business Profiles are now more powerful than ever since the advent of “Near Me” searches, Map Listings, and More (are you being found when Siri and Alexa are asked?)

  • 63% of Website Visitors come from a Mobile Phone (how does your website look on mobile?)

  • Is your Website accessible for those with disabilities?

Pretty intense right? Especially as a non-profit organization! The bad news is that YES, in order to keep growing and moving forward it is imperative to have:

  • A well-performing website that appeals to the general public, not just your current members.

  • A very active Facebook Page that is also connected to a variety of groups, job boards, event boards, and more in your service areas

  • An active, verified, managed, and attractive Google Business Profile

  • And that's the tip of the iceberg, but works wonderfully

We have affordable solutions that are ONLY for American Legions, that is why our business exists. Our mission is YOUR mission and to help spread the news about all the remarkable contributions you make within your communities and veteran organizations.

The general public is unfortunately largely unaware of the work you do and the fun that is had! Think of all the new volunteers and members out there who could be at your Post right now?

We make the process super simple for you! Give us a call at 612-260-7740 or visit We’re ready when you are!


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