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Do I have to make Facebook Events or can I just post about them?

Have you been struggling to keep up with all of the Facebook (aka Meta) changes? Or just finding the time to create imagery for your events that works at all these different sizes? The struggle is real...

American Legions today we're talking about creating an event on your Facebook page versus simply posting about them.

The answer? We'll keep it simple, creating the event is the best way to go. Why? Well, events go through the algorithm channels differently than regular posts.

  • They are recommended to people in the area or those who indicate interest in a similar event.

  • They are shown to the friends of the people who click 'Interested' or 'Going' on your event

  • When someone clicks interested or going they receive reminders about them (see image below)

In short, it's a good way to double, even triple the exposure and repeat exposure of your event.

Follow along for more simple tips and info and contact us when you're ready to take your social media to the next level.

Notification from Facebook Event Reminder
Facebook Event Reminder


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