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Why Legion Social?

We know our stuff and we care about your cause. It's pretty simple! Plus, most agencies charge $60 - $100 an hour for far less value. We're priced specifically for you.


Picture this, it's a sunny, but chilly Saturday at 11:30 AM. You're staff are ready to rock and yet there's only 3 people in the bar. 

What if more people knew you were open AND that you had a Bloody Mary & Wing Special from 11-3:00? That's where we come in.


We will make sure when someone searches "Bar or Restaurant near me" that YOUR Legion pops up on Google and your specials are right there.

We will get them in the door, and we know you'll impress them so much they'll be back again, and again. Are you ready to:

  • Take your time back?

  • Grow your events & fundraisers?

  • Grow your membership?

  • See new faces and have them come back again, and again?

  • Receive compliments on how easy it is to see what's happening?

  • Have your community involvement recognized?

  • Expand your network and ideas?

  • Pay a very affordable price for all of this?

Our Promise:


  • We will NEVER outsource our work. Everything is done from our friendly town of Zimmerman Minnesota.

  • We will provide the highest level of service to you and your cause.

  • We will make sure your content looks beautiful, consistent, and is seen.
    (If we have a hard time building your audience organically, we will spend the money on paid advertising for you to start moving up the ranks.)

  • We will never apply hidden fees or charge extra. Our prices are flat rate.

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